The 3 Stage Launch Strategy

A simple, programmatic way to invite members to your community when transitioning from an existing platform.

If you're launching a new community, the rollout strategy and execution is a critical step in how you set up the network for long-lasting success. An effective launch can drum up some serious demand that puts you in an incredible place to drive home the value of your network for a long-time to come. 

3 Stages123.001

A couple of things to consider as you roll out: 

  • Should you create a waitlist to drive exclusivity?
  • How much time should you allow between stage launches?
  • Are there different messages that each stage would react to differently? I.e. people in your Stage 1 may have different priorities vs. people in your Stage 3
  • What tools do you have to effectively build lists of people for each stage? 

Stage 1: Diehards 

You know that when you invite these folks to your community, the likelihood that they join your network is between 90% - 100%

This stage is for your most loyal people - and they’d jump into whatever you’re doing because they follow you and the community very tightly.

These folks identify as a member of your community and it’s truly something meaningful to them.

Stage 2: Fringe Loyalists 

Your Stage 2 is the group of people in your network that are fringe-worthy relative to your loyalists.

These may be folks that you don’t know on a first-name basis but people that you expect to still join your community eventually.

At this stage, it’s fair to expect that 40%-75% of the people on this list will join your community.

Stage 3: Commercial Launch

The third stage is the point in time that you plant the flag in the ground and start promoting commercially. Now is when you pull out the big guns! The commercial launch is the point in time that you’re opening the doors for the masses and looking to drive an increased number of new members through marketing and activation programs.

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